The following rules of conduct and Distributor policies have been established for your protection. They represent the code of ethics by which all Distributors must operate. We encourage you to read and understand them, so that you are fully aware, not only of your obligations but also of your rights as an Independent SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor. We refer to our distributors as SURE-LIFERs. We want to work together to uphold the highest possible ethical standards. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of SURE LIFE GLOBAL, its sales and marketing plan, and its distribution network of independent Distributors.


Throughout this document, the words "he" and "she and "himself" and "herself" are used interchangeably, with one gender denoting the other

Wherever the word “SURE-LIFER” is used, it denotes an independent distributor of SURE LIFE GLOBAL products.


SURE LIFE GLOBAL is not a pyramid or chain distribution scheme. A pyramid is a scheme in which an individual pays for the right to recruit additional persons into the scheme who, in turn, receive the same right to receive profits from recruiting others. Three common elements of a pyramid scheme have been identified as: (1) a large, required initial investment or purchase of inventory (2) direct payment for recruiting additional persons into the scheme and, (3) little or no emphasis on selling products to consumers.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL Plan contains none of the above-described elements. SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributors earn money by selling products to their customers directly, but not from the introduction of additional persons into the business. It is important when recruiting new members to adequately emphasize retail selling, and advise new members that they are not obligated to purchase product stocks.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL Members/ Distributors are obliged to always be honest and share only accurate and truthful information about all SURE LIFE GLOBAL Products, and the SURE LIFE GLOBAL Business Model


To become a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor, an applicant must register on a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor Website, or on SURE LIFE GLOBAL Main Website. During the registration process, the applicant will be required to provide the name of the sponsor that had recruited him/her. The sponsor can only be an active SURE-LIFER.

After registration, the applicant must purchase a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Product(s) in order to become active. The applicant then becomes an active SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor who can recruit and sponsor other SURE-LIFERs into the network.

Commissions can only be earned by an active distributor. An inactive distributor does not qualify for commissions.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL reserves the right at its sole discretion, to reject any application, without giving reasons for the rejection.


Distributors must comply with all SURE LIFE GLOBAL rules of conduct and any amendments or additions together with any procedures, recommendations, guidelines or instructions which may be issued from time to time.

Distributors must keep themselves up to date with the terms and conditions, as well as any changes which may be made from time to time.


A Distributor may resign his/her Distributorship at any time, by submitting a witnessed letter of resignation to SURE LIFE GLOBAL. The resignation becomes effective when received, validated and accepted by SURE LIFE GLOBAL. The company will advise in writing when this is complete.

Failure to purchase stock for a consecutive 3 months period will render the distributorship dormant. A dormant distributorship cannot earn commissions nor can they be reactivated through purchase of stock. As such they will be deemed to have resigned.


Former Distributors who want to re-apply to become a Distributor again, under the same sponsor as their previous membership, may do so at any time. They will be issued a new membership number and initiate a new distributorship.

If a former Distributor who wishes to re-apply to become a Distributor under a different sponsor, must wait for at least 90 days after the Distributorship lapsed.

All applications must comply with all requirements for joining as a Distributor.


SURE LIFE GLOBAL business opportunity is open to people from all walks of life, regardless of sex, race, nationality, religious beliefs or political affiliations.


The only cost required of an applicant to become a Distributor is the purchase of SURE LIFE GLOBAL stock .

A Distributor is not obliged to:

  • Maintain any minimum stock levels of products or materials
  • Purchase any amount of materials, goods and / or services.
  • Purchase admission tickets to attend any seminars, meetings or other events.
  • SURE LIFE GLOBAL products will be sold on a cash basis only, and no credit shall be entered into.


Applicants must be over 18 years of age and otherwise legally capable of entering into a contractual agreement. Applicants under the age of 18 must obtain consent from their guardians.


An individual may operate only one SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributorship, and may have only a single sponsor.


In the event that an individual complete and submit more than one application for Distributorship, the first accepted by SURE LIFE GLOBAL is considered the valid Distributorship.

If SURE LIFE GLOBAL determines that an individual has submitted an application for Distributorship, while obligated to a prior Distributorship, SURE LIFE GLOBAL has sole and absolute discretion to determine the disposition of both Distributors, as well as any penalties or sanctions it deems necessary and appropriate for the Distributors and the sponsors.


SURE LIFE GLOBAL does not charge a membership fee. Members remain at a Distributor rank by virtue of the sales performance


SURE LIFE GLOBAL grants the Distributor the right to operate the throughout the world.

In the event that a member is recruited outside of the Republic of South Africa, and they do not have a valid South African bank account, the sponsor is liable to transport stock to their members.

Members outside of the republic of South Africa who do not possess a valid South African bank account will receive their commissions in via / stock, unless prior arrangements have been made, within the governing laws of said country. Or maybe an entity have been registered in that country.

The costs associated with deliveries made to Members outside of the republic of South Africa are to be paid by the Member; including all relevant customs duties and/ or taxes, etc. for said territory.


SURE-LIFERs who wish to transport stock to their SURE-LIFERs outside the republic of South Africa are responsible for the requirements in the borders of the countries concerned.


Courtesy and Honesty; SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor shall always conduct themselves in a courteous and considerate manner. All presentations of SURE LIFE GLOBAL products must be complete and truthful, including but not limited to, instructions on the usage directions and precautions.

Satisfaction Guarantee; SURE LIFE GLOBAL offers a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If your customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase, we will replace it without charge, or credit you against another product, or refund in full. The product must be returned with proof of purchase within 30 days.

The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to products that have been misused.


All SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributors are independent business persons with a direct contractual relationship to SURE LIFE GLOBAL(Pty)Ltd.

No Distributor shall represent or imply that he has any employment relationship with SURE LIFE GLOBAL or with any of its affiliated companies. Distributors may NOT use the words "employee", "agent" or "company representative" verbally or on any stationery, business cards, or other printed material.


No Distributor shall knowingly submit false or misleading information to SURE LIFE GLOBAL (Pty) Ltd. Violation of this rule could lead to rejection of your application or termination of your Distributorship

Sponsors are required to exercise care and diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the information supplied by their downlines. Fraud committed by downlines will negatively affect the sponsors distributorship and may result in action taken against the sponsor such as, but not limited to, withholding of commissions, opening of a criminal case for fraud etc

No distributor may make false representations or make statements which amount to misrepresentation as part of their SURE LIFE GLOBAL opportunity or product presentation.

No Member or distributor may make any claims, of any sort, that any of SURE LIFE GLOBAL Products are ‘medicine’ – instead SURE LIFE GLOBAL Products support a healthy lifestyle.

No Member or distributor may make any claims, of any sort, that any of SURE LIFE GLOBAL Products are ‘medicine’ – instead SURE LIFE GLOBAL Products support a healthy lifestyle.


Without prejudice to the other rights of SURE LIFE GLOBAL under these rules of conduct and other rules and regulations of the company, Distributors shall indemnify SURE LIFE GLOBAL from and against all actions, claims, demands, prosecutions, fines, penalties and the costs thereof (including Distributor’s actual legal costs) which might be made or brought against SURE LIFE GLOBAL in respect of, or arising directly or indirectly out of, any breach of any laws or regulations applying to the operation of their Distributorship. SURE LIFE GLOBAL shall have no liability to any Distributor in respect of any cost, loss, damage or expense suffered by any Distributor directly or indirectly as a result of any act, omission, representation or statement of any Distributor


In the event of a violation of the SURE LIFE GLOBAL rules of conduct, procedures or directions issued by SURE LIFE GLOBAL, the company may in its sole discretion take whatever actions or measures it deems necessary and appropriate, including but not limited to, suspension of buying privileges, suspension of earnings, monetary fines or deletion or termination of the Distributorship


A Distributor who resigns will remain liable for unpaid debts owed to SURE LIFE GLOBAL or for liabilities for violations of the SURE LIFE GLOBAL rules of conduct or other rules and regulations that govern the business practices of Distributors


A resigning Distributor may return unused product or sales material which are current products, unopened and in resalable condition, for repurchase under the following terms and conditions.

The products must have been purchased from SURE LIFE GLOBAL within the last 30 days.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL reserves the right to offer the up liner of the resigning Distributor the opportunity to repurchase those products directly, for a period not to exceed two weeks. If the up liner does not repurchase the inventory, the Distributor will then be directed to return the products to SURE LIFE GLOBAL.

Upon receipt of these items, reimbursement to the Distributor will be issued for the full amount paid for the returned product by the Distributor, less a restocking charge of 20% and less any amounts owed by the Distributor to SURE LIFE GLOBAL. SURE LIFE GLOBAL will submit such product to our laboratories to ensure that the product is in resaleable condition. The refunds shall be processed in an estimated 90 days from the date of reporting.


A sponsor is responsible for properly training their personally sponsored Distributors. Training must include product knowledge, marketing plan, rules of conduct, company rules and guidelines for Distributors. They may seek assistance from their upline Distributor, but the primary responsibility remains their own

No sponsor may request payment from a personally sponsored Distributor for training or training facilities, unless the training is additional to basic training, and they fully explain that the Distributor may choose whether or not they want to participate in such training, and states the cost for such training. If the Distributor declines to participate in "additional" training, the sponsor is still obligated to provide the basic training necessary at no cost.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL (Pty)Ltd will provide presentations to SURE-LIFERs on the condition that the presentation shall be:

  • Requested by the SURE-LIFERs
  • Conducted at a venue paid by the SURELIFERs concerned
  • Conducted for a minimum of 30 prospects


A sponsor must maintain & uphold the independent relationship between themselves and their Distributors.


A sponsor shall keep his/her Distributors informed of company sponsored events and when appropriate encourage his/her personally sponsored Distributors to attend SURE LIFE GLOBAL sponsored meetings and training and to participate and support all company sponsored events.


The Distributor/Sponsor relationship is the foundation of the SURE LIFE GLOBAL sales and marketing plan and as such, the principles and rules of the company protect the rights of the sponsor. Changes of sponsorship are detrimental to the integrity of the business and are not permitted.

In order to protect the sponsor, no Distributor may interfere with the relationship between another Distributor and their sponsor in any way. A Distributor may not offer, entice, encourage, solicit, or otherwise influence or attempt to persuade another Distributor to change his sponsor or line of sponsorship, either directly or indirectly.


In the event of evidence coming to light that a Distributor, who re-joined SURE LIFE GLOBAL under a different sponsor, had re-applied to be a Distributor prior to the 90 day period, then SURE LIFE GLOBAL has the sole and absolute discretion to apply penalties to the Distributorship.

Penalties will be assessed by SURE LIFE GLOBAL in its sole discretion, and include, but are not limited to, the transfer of all sponsored Distributors in the new Distributorship to the original sponsor's organisation, financial penalties, suspension and termination of the Distributor.


A Distributorship may only be assigned or transferred to an individual who is not currently a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor. Assignment or transfer must be approved by SURE LIFE GLOBAL, and the distributorship in question must be active. The person assuming responsibility for the Distributorship will be required to register as a Distributor. If this person was formerly a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor then he/ she must meet requirements of a former Distributor to re-join.

The achievements of a Distributor are personal to the individual, and as such, if an assignment or transfer should be authorised, the status and benefits achieved by the Distributor are not transferred with the Distributorship. The individual assuming responsibility will be required to achieve all qualifications for status and earning requirements after the assignment or transfer is made


SURE LIFE GLOBAL rules and regulations do not supersede the dictates of any court of law as to the disposition of the Distributorship and or the rights, benefits or obligations of parties to the Distributorship.


Upon the death of a Distributor who is an active participant in the business, the Distributorship will remain with the nominated beneficiary, or else the surviving spouse or heir

Any other disposition of the Distributorship must be approved by SURE LIFE GLOBAL.

Upon the death of a distributor who is not active, the distributorship may not be.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL must be notified of any changes related to the death of the distributor, in order to facilitate the disposition of this distributor; accompanied by a letter from the Court, verifying the status of the new beneficiary.


A Distributor must purchase all SURE LIFE GLOBAL products directly from the company. Product purchased will be recorded, and used to calculate personal and group commissions, as well as to award rank privileges

A Distributor is prohibited from buying products from any other Distributor other than their direct upline. A Distributor is prohibited from selling to any other Distributors other than their downline.

Payment for all orders purchased from SURE LIFE GLOBAL must be made by the Distributor designated as the purchaser on the order, his spouse or partner or the first upline Distributor, unless written approval is given by SURE LIFE GLOBAL for payment to be made by another individual.

Distributors may not order product in the name of another Distributor, nor may they make payment for products ordered in another Distributors name. Ordering products in another distributors name could be interpreted as an attempt to improperly manipulate the operation of the marketing plan.


Sales volume is credited to and accumulated by a Distributor on a volume monthly basis. The volume month begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. SURE LIFE GLOBAL reserves the right to modify the volume month as it deems appropriate.

Sales volume is credited to the volume month in which full payment is received by SURE LIFE GLOBAL for the order. Under no circumstances can volume be placed for any other month.


SURE LIFE GLOBAL is a wholesale/retail distribution company. Products purchased from the company are intended to be sold and distributed to retail customers, downline Distributors or used for Distributors and their immediate families own personal consumption.

The purchase of products solely as an attempt to qualify for advancement in the marketing plan is not permitted. Any such attempts will result in sanctions, including, but not limited to, demotion in team status, probation, suspension of buying privileges, and suspension of earnings, disqualification from bonus participation, deletion or termination of the Distributorship.


If a Distributor owes SURE LIFE GLOBAL a debt, SURE LIFE GLOBAL reserves the right to deduct the amount owed from any sum payable to the Distributor or to withhold payment of monies owed until such time as all amounts owing by the Distributor to SURE LIFE GLOBAL have been paid in full and/or may decide not to recognise any qualification until the amount due to SURE LIFE GLOBAL has been paid.


Distributors shall explain the directions for use and cautions, if any, specified on product labels when selling the products. SURE LIFE GLOBAL instant meal is not a medicine and should not be promoted as such.

False testimonies may not be used to promote the health properties of SURE LIFE GLOBAL Plus.


No Distributor may sell SURE LIFE GLOBAL products to persons who are not SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributors and whose intention it is to resell those products.


SURE LIFE GLOBAL products must be delivered to customers in original unopened packaging as supplied by the company. A Distributor may not modify in any way any of the labelling, literature, material or packaging of any SURE LIFE GLOBAL product or promotional material.


The fundamental business of a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor is the selling of SURE LIFE GLOBAL products to consumers. In order to achieve this, Distributors may display their products in locations that they consider appropriate, such as markets, trade events, schools, doctors, healthcare or other professional offices, beauty and hair salons, health spas or gymnasiums, etc. No agreement may be entered into with any retailer/ retail outlet on behalf of SURE LIFE GLOBAL.


The fundamental business of a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor is the selling of SURE LIFE GLOBAL products directly to consumers. Distributors may display/advertise SURE LIFE GLOBAL products on websites, but may not sell SURE LIFE GLOBAL products from any website, including auction sites, coupon sites, discount sites or similar sites. SURE LIFE GLOBAL products may only be sold from the official SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor Websites (www.surelifeglobal.com/SLGnumber or name)


A Distributor with a private office may sell SURE LIFE GLOBAL products from such an office, and can display the products, and advertise by means of signs, posters, flyers or brochures duly approved by SURE LIFE GLOBAL (Pty)Ltd.

  • Not imply or represent that a Distributor can benefit solely by the sponsoring of other Distributors
  • Not imply that a Distributor is under any obligation to sponsor others to become Distributors.
  • Not imply that success may be achieved with little or no effort.
  • Not make any statements which are not accurate or truthful.
  • Not claim that high earnings can be easily achieved.

In the event that SURE LIFE GLOBAL is to be liquidated, or face foreclosure, Members are to allow for a period of at least 30 days to be given notice of liquidation/ foreclosure from an authorised SURE LIFE GLOBAL representative.In the event that SURE LIFE GLOBAL is to be liquidated, or face foreclosure, Members are to allow for a period of at least 30 days to be given notice of liquidation/ foreclosure from an authorised SURE LIFE GLOBAL representative.


When a Distributor promotes or represents the earnings from her own or another Distributorship, he/she must at all times be truthful in her statements and it is necessary that the claims can be verified.


A Distributor may not display or mention the name of any SURE LIFE GLOBAL product, trademark or trade name in any video or audio recording made by, for, on behalf of, or at the direction of a Distributor, unless such tape has been approved for use by SURE LIFE GLOBAL.


It is not permitted for any Distributor to broadcast any video or audio recording of any kind that relates to, mentions, displays or promotes in any way, either directly or indirectly, the SURE LIFE GLOBAL name, products, materials, business opportunity or methods of conducting business, unless authorized in writing by SURE LIFE GLOBAL.


A SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor may list himself/herself in the pages of a directory under the heading "SURE LIFE GLOBAL independent Distributor". The only information that may follow this is the Distributors name and/or address and telephone number. A Distributor may use display ads in the directory as long as the advertisement is within the guidelines for advertising.


In addition to SURE LIFE GLOBAL policies, a Distributor must comply with any and all local and national ordinances, laws or other regulations when operating their business, and advertising or promoting SURE LIFE GLOBAL products or business opportunity. It is the responsibility of the Distributor to determine what these may be and how they apply to his business.


A Distributor must clearly indicate that sales discount, commissions and other earnings of a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributorship may only be achieved through the continuing sales of SURE LIFE GLOBAL products to retail customers by herself and her sponsored Distributors and after certain qualifications have been met.


No Distributor may represent that there is any obligation to purchase products, literature or sales aids, nor may he/she represent that sales discounts, commissions or other benefits may be obtained solely from the wholesale purchase of products rather than the retail sale of products.


It is not permissible to use SURE LIFE GLOBAL's trademarks, trade names, logos or any facsimile thereof in any way, without prior written consent from the company. These belong exclusively to SURE LIFE GLOBAL which endeavours to protect the name SURE LIFE GLOBAL, the trademark, the trade names and designs of labels to prevent unauthorised use.


Business stationery produced by a Distributor must clearly indicate that their business is independent, and that he/she is a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor. The wording may not imply that the Distributor is employed by SURE LIFE GLOBAL


No Distributor or any other person may reproduce in whole or in part any printed material, audio, audio cassettes, video and film recordings that have been produced by SURE LIFE GLOBAL unless given written authorisation to do so by SURE LIFE GLOBAL.


In the event that SURE LIFE GLOBAL determines that non-SURE LIFE GLOBAL produced sales aids and materials supplied by a Distributor, violates any applicable SURE LIFE GLOBAL rules of conduct or other rules and regulations published by the company or impairs the SURE LIFE GLOBAL business or damages its reputation, SURE LIFE GLOBAL reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary to hold the Distributor responsible for any damages incurred.


Foreign citizens residing in South Africa may register under any sponsor of their choice provided that they possess valid immigration documents

Foreigners living outside the republic may join under the sponsor of their choice provided that their commissions can only be paid in stock and not cash, unless prior arrangements have been made, within the governing laws of said country.

Foreigners residing outside the borders of the Republic are fully responsible to take delivery to their countries and are liable for all costs incurred.

Foreigners residing outside the borders of the Republic are bound by the trading policies of the respective countries.

Foreigners residing outside the borders of the Republic importing SURE LIFE GLOBAL to their own countries do so at their own risks and no legal claims whatsoever can be made against SURE LIFE GLOBAL.


Distributors who make purchases of a minimum of R10,000.00 will qualify to become a SURE LIFE GLOBAL Stockist. Stockist are completely responsible for the safety of their stock, and may not receive cash on behalf of SURE LIFE GLOBAL.

Stockists and Champions are expected to provide leadership to the network and provide leadership to their ‘down-liners’. Be aware, participating in another network sends mixed signals to the network and can cause confusion in the network.

A sponsor does not have a right to convene, form a group on an online platform and anyhow against SURE LIFE GLOBAL. If an up liner or down liner has suggestion, concern or critics about the business. The independent distributor must write a signed letter to us via email or mail. SURE LIFE GLOBAL shall respond to that letter with 14 business working days. The letter must come from a distributor not the network.

Once a distributor has become a member of SURE LIFE GLOBAL, The Sponsor has no right to claim that down liner, any distributor who have joined SURE LIFE GLOBAL business as an independent business owner has a relationship with SURE LIFE GLOBAL not the Sponsor. The Sponsor cannot influence their down liners in a negative way, they cannot convene protests against the company in any form.

Distributors cannot communicate with SURE LIFE GLOBAL regarding concerns, suggestions or any query as a group but as an individual. Distributors cannot be part of SURE LIFE GLOBAL strategic planning unless formally invited by SURE LIFE GLOBAL in writing. Distributor cannot contribute towards bonuses, commission plan and product development unless invited by SURE LIFE GLOBAL to do so.

Should we find a distributor or former distributor recruiting other distributors to his or her business or any other network, we will take legal action against that distributor & terminate his or her members with SURE LIFE GLOBAL without any notice.

Once a distributor has formed his or her network marketing company, SURE LIFE GLOBAL will have full right to terminate their membership within 24 hours. Distributor can never move their network or influence them to leave SURE LIFE GLOBAL to his or her network or to any other network.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor cannot have any business relationship with our suppliers, partners, and employees or ex-employees for at least 2 years.

SURE LIFE GLOBAL Distributor does not have a right to advise the company of any matter related to the business and cannot advise the company in media platform.

Once membership has been terminated due to any clause incoherent, SURE LIFE GLOBAL will no longer be obliged to pay you any bonuses or commissions due to you as a distributor.